"Helping make hairloss history!!"

We believe that hair loss associated with male pattern baldness is the #1 "dis-ease" affecting men today.

Norwoodscale.com aims to help you navigate through the sea of misinformation to find the facts and get on the road to an effective treatment plan.

Utilizing the Norwood Scale we highlight the various degrees of hair loss due to male pattern baldness and what tretament approach best address your individual needs.

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The negative stigma associated with hair loss is almost as bad as the actual hair loss itself. Most men suffering from male pattern baldness understand that it is NOT about the actual hair loss but how we feel and sometimes how those around us feel about it.

Hair loss does not only rob you of your hair but more importantly it can rob you of your sense of self and who you truly are. Not only do your hair follicles shrink but so does your self confidence.

Hair loss associated with male pattern baldness does NOT discriminate. No matter what your age, race, religion, economic standing or social standing.........if you are a Man, you are susceptible to male pattern baldness.

We at Norwoodscale.com understand this all too well because we are all men dealing with and working to overcome hair loss due to male pattern baldness.

Utilizing the Norwood Scale we help you identify exactly what type of male pattern baldness you are experiencing and your level of possible progression.

What seperates Norwoodscale.com from other "hair loss" sites is that we only deal with the issue and subject of Male Pattern Baldness. Other sites deal with generality of hair loss but our aim is specifically hair loss that is associated with Male Pattern Baldness.

Stay POSITIVE.....

Along with treatment your best ally in this fight is your own positive mental attitude.

  1. Early treament.
    The sooner you act the more likely you are to retain, maintain and regain.
  2. Be consistent.
    Once you start a treatment regimen you must follow through with it for at least 6 months.....real results take time.
  3. Stay POSITIVE.
    Millions (maybe Billions) of men like you are also fighting the good fight so stay POSITIVE, you are not alone. Together we will one day transcend hair loss.

Hair transplant treatment options.....

With constant updates and advancements in the field of hair transplantation this option is well worth a second look.

Topicals and non-surgical options.....

If the cost of hair transplants are out of your reach then there are a host of non-surgical options to choose from.

Join us and get started today on the path to confronting hair loss. Begin arming yourself with the truth and facts about hair loss and what proven treatment options are available to you.

Remember......early detection and action is key. Every day that passess your hair loss does not get better it only gets worse.

Do something........Act Now!